Noís Radio
Road to the Sea

Noís Radio © Juan Pablo Ramírez

A collective interested in the exploration of everyday sonic universes and the creation of radio experiences. It emerged in Cali in 2009, and since then its work has focused on the production of live radio shows that mix soundscapes with voices, noises produced by objects, and performance actions. It also performs collective listening exercises through walks and guided tours, activities in which the sound experience is paramount due to its being a set of sensory possibilities and materials for connecting memories, impressions, dreams, and concerns about one's surroundings and everyday events. Noís Radio features the participation of Natalia Santa Restrepo, César Torres Romero, Nathaly Espitia Diaz, María Juliana Soto Narváez, and Stephanie López Barona. Miguel Tejada writes some of the group's scripts.