Urban Incubator: Belgrade

Savamala Panorama
The central space for events to be organized within the Urban Incubator: Belgrade
Braće Krsmanović 2

Tim Rieniets and Nikola Banković
will collect the local knowledge and make it public
Braće Krsmanović 2

Maja Popović and Boba Stanić
Students research and test alternative forms of city quarter development
Crnogorska 5

Ivan Kucina and students of the University of Belgrade
A sound-art project which collects, composes and re-transmits the sounds of Savamala back into the space
Klara Schilliger, Lara Stanić, Valerian Maly, Cyrill Lim (GingerEnsemble)
Citizens of Belgrade shape their visions for Savamala
Gavrila Principa 2

Julian Petrin and Cynthia Wagner
Empirical Research Center Savamala: Evaluation processes of Urban Incubator: Belgrade
Svetozara Radica 3

Philipp Klaus, Jürgen Krusche, Dobrica Veselinović
Research and Support for designing Savamala
Kraljevića Marka 8

Jesko Fezer, Marjetica Potrč and students of the University of Belgrade
Artists in Residence work in Savamala
Kraljevića Marka 8

Third Belgrade Artists´ Initiative
Architectural magazine in and about Savamala
Kraljevića Marka 8

Axel Humpert, Tim Seidel, Benedict Boucsein, Jeannette Beck

    The Urban Incubator: Belgrade is a unique project supporting the re-vitalization of the now neglected Belgrade city-quarter of Savamala. It is not planners, politicians, or investors but artists, architects, activists and the residents of Savamala and Belgrade who will contribute to shaping the future of the Savamala city quarter.

    Where is the Urban Incubator: Belgrade project happening?
    Situated on the southern bank of the river Sava in a neighbourhood of the old town, Savamala is one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Savamala is rich both in tradition, history and heritage, which is visible in the many valuable historical buildings in the district. But world wars, authoritarian rule and the current economic crisis have left their marks. Today, Savamala is in a state of dilapidation, economically underdeveloped and socially disadvantaged.

    What are the objectives of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade project? The Urban Incubator: Belgrade aims to improve the quality of life of local residents, arguing strongly in favor of a city on a human scale, and aims to encourage the residents of Savamala to take charge of their quarter. It is the quarter's cultural and social values that should drive Savamala´s re-vitalization, rather than commercial and real-estate business interests. The Urban Incubator: Belgrade represents a participatory approach to urban development and could serve as a model for other cities in Serbia and the region.

    Urban Incubator/ Savamala - a City-Quater Re-Invents itself

    Project launch of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade: Tim Rieniets, curator, about the genesis and concept of the project

    Who initiated the Urban Incubator: Belgrade project?
    The Urban Incubator is a Goethe-Institut 'project of excellence', supported by the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Savski Venac. The Urban Incubator: Belgrade involves more than ten local and international projects from the fields of art, architecture, urbanism and social engagement, which will be present and operational in Savamala for during 2013. Project authors include raumlaborberlin, the University of Technical Sciences (ETH) Zurich, "Third Belgrade" Artists´ Initiative (Belgrade), the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, the Zurich University of the Arts, Nexthamburg (Hamburg), GingerEnsemble (CH), Camenzind (Zurich), Maja Popovic and Boba Stanic (Belgrade/Amsterdam), Goethe-Guerilla, and many others.


    Download SymbolReport of Programme Year 2013 (PDF, 4 MB)
    Download SymbolVol. 2 – Résumé: Findings and Perspectives (PDF, 3,8 MB)