Bureau Savamala

Bureau Savamala

How can artistic projects influence urban development? Art theoreticians and sociologists from Belgrade and Zurich will be carrying out research into the influence of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade project on Savamala.

Artists and other creative individuals often contribute to the re-vitalization of urban space, even without knowing it. Neglected city quarters all over the world, left to oblivion, have seen an unexpected rise, which has radiated beyond their local boundaries. Low rent, an inspiring ambience, and social niches allowing alternative lifestyles make such areas very attractive to creative individuals. Often short of financial capital, but enjoying abundant “creative capital”, they invest in their urban environment: in studios and galleries, clubs and bars, new start-up enterprises and small shops.

Artists and other creative actors have increasingly become involved in the revival of run-down buildings and derelict city quarters – which is the case in Savamala. Some of the results of this artistic approach are, however, disputed. Critical voices argue that creative milieus are exploited for commercial and political purposes, contribute to gentrification, and, eventually, even damage their own city quarters and creative energy.

“Bureau Savamala” will therefore focus on critically monitoring and analyzing the contribution of artists and other creative projects on the development of Savamala. The Bureau will pay special attention to the various activities of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade and other projects and events that are ongoing in Savamala. Using empirical methods, “Bureau Savamala” will seek to establish how the quarter changes and how the perception of local citizens and the broader public has changed accordingly.

“Bureau Savamala” will serve the Urban Incubator: Belgrade as a critical commentator, contributing to the socially sustainable development of Savamala.

In cooperation with Zurich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK))

    Address in Savamala

    Svetozara Radica 3

    Philipp Klaus, Jürgen Krusche, Dobrica Veselinović