A new architectural magazine is being established in Savamala: Camenzind, a new Serbian journal covering architectural issues, simultaneously producing print and radio coverage and organizing public events in and about Savamala. The magazine will highlight Serbian authors and topics in national and international architectural debates.

The Serbian architectural and urbanistic discourse can seem isolated within the national and international context. Publishing a Serbian edition of the Swiss magazine Camenzind will contribute to changing this situation substantially. Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer between Switzerland and Serbia will also be created through an open platform for debate and by strengthening networks in Serbia and beyond.

Magazin Camenzind

At the center of the Camenzind’s activities in Savamala is the new magazine, which will be guided by a local editorial board. The editorial board will produce a number of other media formats. In the course of 2013, four issues of the architectural magazine will be published, radio programmes will be broadcast on our own local radio station, and public events will be organized, such as lectures, discussions and workshops.

The journal will primarily focus on Savamala, but will also cover other topics and places in Serbia. Knowledge about contemporary and traditional Savamala culture, local and common knowledge lost and re-discovered, will contribute to critically and creatively reporting on the progress in the quarter. Camenzind will also seek to increase the visibility of Serbian authors and Serbia-related themes in the international community of architects and urbanists.

All activities conducted by Camenzind will be carefully documented and distributed locally and internationally in brochures (leaflets) and radio programmes in English and Serbian. By the end of the year, the team will collate an edition of collected material published by Camenzind and other interdisciplinary articles by local and foreign contributors.

Ana Đorđević, from Belgrade, is Camenzind’s guest editor in Belgrade, taking charge of contacting authors, co-ordinating layout, press, distribution, internet content and services to visitors. Teams of students and graduates from university faculties will prepare salons, workshops, and journals. In the long run, the management of Camenzind in Savamala will be completely passed on to the Serbian project participants, fully localizing the project.

Camenzind is supported by the following institutions:
BHSF Architects Zurich
Pro Helvetia Foundation
Embassy of Switzerland in Belgrade

    Address in Savamala

    Kraljevića Marka 8

    Axel Humpert, Tim Seidel, Benedikt Boucsein, Jeannette Beck (BHSF Architekten, Zürich)
    Ana Djordjević (local coordination), Tamara Popović, Marko Gavrilović and Iva Bekić.
    Experts on the project are: Robin Warren, Florian Graf, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler und Axel Langer.
    International participants: Yaniya Lee und Leila Peacock.

    The first issue of Kamenzind Belgrade
    The second issue of Kamenzind Belgrade