Slušaj Savamala!

We usually perceive changes in urban spaces with visual means – through photographs, pictures or maps. But you can also hear the changing of a city. “Slušaj Savamala” is a sound-art project which collects old and new sounds and which will feed them back into the urban space in formats such as installations, concerts, or radio programmes.

Savamala looks back onto a colorful past. This phrase not only describes the historical changes of an urban space like Savamala, but it also illustrates that we usually describe changes as a visual phenomenon. We look at old photographs and pictures or we study historical maps. The same is true to the future of urban spaces which we usually try to illustrate through images and sketches of architects and urban planners. We seem to have un-learned: that we can hear the changes of a city, too.

“Slušaj Savamala!” is a sound-art project which listens to the urban space; which makes a city scape resonate and talk to us. GingerEnsemble embarks on a discovery route of the acoustic kind and subjects Savamala to a forensic examination and preservation of sound-traces. Old and new sound will be identified, recorded and archived, new ones will be composed and fed back into the space. Professionals and amateurs will be invited to sound-walks, workshops, sound installations and concerts.

“Slušaj Savamala!” will not have one fixed place in Savamala, but will follow the sounds of the quarter with an especially designed mobile transmitter van collecting sounds as found and transmitting sounds newly created. GingerEnsemble are planning for their own radio station transmitting sound documents, reports, features, compositions – using a local stray cat as their street wise radio correspondent ...

    Address in Savamala

    Gavrila Principa 2

    Klara Schilliger, Lara Stanić, Valerian Maly, Cyrill Lim (GingerEnsemble)