Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Serbian media - print, online, TV and Radio - are reporting about "Urban Incubator: Belgrade":
Students´work on Savamala won TV work prime time slot

What is the Urban Incubator: Belgrade project all about? How does it contribute to the cultural energy developing in Savamala? - Students of journalism at the University of Belgrade, Jelena Askovic and Andjela Milosevic , produced a TV reportage for their class work. Now, their work has won the highest scores - and was presented within their prime time programme on Belgrade´s TV station Studio B.

New ideas

Proposals for appearance of Savamala with table tennis matchMore ...
RTS 2nd channel Educational program on

Download Symbol „Urban Incubator: Belgrade“ PROFIT Magazin, July / August 2013 ( PDF, 274 KB)

    ins Blaue Foto Nebojsa Vasic © Goethe-Institut


    „Into the Blue“
    Close to the old town and situated on the shore of the Save, Savamala, a neighbourhood in Belgrade, could be so picturesque if it were not marked by wars and the present economic crisis. Savamala’s historic buildings are run down, the city quarter is economically underdeveloped and socially disadvantaged. The project Urban Incubator now aims to change that.More ...
    Download Symbol "Savamala's creative puls" POLITIKA, 08.07.2013 ( PDF, 203 KB)
      Foto Nebojsa Vasic © Goethe-Institut© Stanislav Milojkovic Formal Opening of Pavillion at Spanish House DANAS, 08.06.2013

      The Goethe-Institut Belgrad last night formally opened the Pavilion in the Spanish House, Braca Krsmanović 2. This derelict building now shows a new face.
        „Spanish House“ Arte / online ART, 06.06.2013
        Foto Nebojsa Vasic © Goethe-Institut

        All around Sun Ra  DANAS, 24.05.2013

        All around Sun Ra Heliocentrism, also known as Copernican worldview, is a philosophy which is based on the assumption that all planets revolve around the sun while, simultaneously, gyrating around their own axes. In this sense, the young and extremely charming Berlin octet Heliocentric Counterblast may be called heliocentric. They appeared on the scene of RTS studio 6 for the opening concert of the 2013 Ring-Ring Festival where they obviously put the music of the jazz legend Sun Ra center stage. As you might know, this was the alias of famous jazz musician Hermann Poole Blount (1914 – 1993). Heliocentric Counterblast´s Belgrade concert happened to coincide with the 99th birthday of this unforgotten visionary and jazz philosopher.

        Download SymbolOur future visions for Savamala DANAS, 24.05.2013 ( PDF, 62 KB)
          © Stanislav Milojkovic07.05.2013, Serbian National Television, RTS, reports in the Midday News about Urban Incubator: Belgrade

            Download Symbol „New life for an old neighborhood“ SAVSKI VENAC, May 2013
            (PDF, 346 KB)
                Download Symbol "Savamala on a wallpaper" Casaviva, 24.04.2013 (PDF, 434 KB)
                Casaviva is a well-known magazine for architecture and interior design and belongs to “Attica Media”, which is the 2nd largest media group in Serbia.
                  The respected cultural and economic weekly „NIN“ – initiator of the most prestigious Serbian literary award – reports on the Goethe-Institut initiative „Urban Incubator: Belgrade“ and their various artistic, social, and urbanistic projects – using the human body and its organs to illustrate their relationship.

                  Download Symbol"Circulation“ Weekly news magazine NIN, 04.04.2013 ( PDF, 277 KB)
                  Download Symbol"Circulation“ Weekly news magazine NIN, 04.04.2013 ( PDF, 34 KB)
                    POLITIKA is the oldest daily in the Balkans. Being one of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade media partners, they publish authorized articles about the project on a nearly daily basis thus covering the project launch.

                    Download Symbol"Step by step towards a better life in Belgrade city quarter Savamala" POLITIKA, 28.03.2013 ( PDF, 290 KB)
                    Download Symbol„Step by step towards a better life in Belgrade city quarter Savamala“ POLITIKA, 28.03.2013 ( PDF, 50 KB)
                      (Articles in Serbian only)

                      Download Symbol "Welcome to Savamala" POLITIKA, 26.03.2013 (PDF, 350 KB)
                        Download Symbol "New shine to Savamala" DANAS, 25.03.2013 (PDF, 200 KB)
                          Download Symbol"Savamala's Development" POLITIKA, 24.03.2013 (PDF, 150 KB)
                            The project "Urban Incubator: Belgrade" has begun
                            23.03.2013, The media department of the City of Belgrade on their official website report on Urban Incubator: Belgrade and the project´s valuable contribution to the city-quarter of Savamala.
                              Download Symbol"Urban Incubator" for Savamala renaissance POLITIKA, 23.03.2013 (PDF, 250 KB)