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Neues Bauhaus in DessauPhoto (detail): Lelikron, Dessau Bauhaus neu, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bauhaus Open House

With the public Bauhaus school in 1919 in Weimar, one of the earliest and most important schools of art and design was founded. Almost no other movement has influenced modern art and architecture as much as Bauhaus. And yet, it was not formed through a universal aesthetic theory, but specifically through the social-democratic politics of the Weimar Republic. More...


BAUHAUS 19 Photo: Goethe-Institut

Series of events
Bauhaus Open House

On the occasion of 100 years of Bauhaus, Goethe-Institut Cyprus is organizing a series of events with its partners and invited experts, composed of exhibitions, a conference, as well as a dance performance.

About Bauhaus