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Achilleas Kentonis

Achilleas Kentonis
Photo: Achilleas Kentonis

Engineer / Innovation trainer / Cross-disciplinary Thinker

Achilleas Kentonis studied Engineering, Physics and Fine Arts in the University of South Alabama, USA. As a researcher / scientist he participated in research programs at NASA, the University of Cyprus and the Aegean University. He is an expert in innovative thinking trained in MIT Boston, USA.

He participates and/or initiates scientific and cultural research in the fields of mixed media technologies, social innovation/impact, and entrepreneurship – from the idea to start up, immersive technologies and media.

He is the co-founder and director of ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation since 2000 which was awarded with the Award for its Contribution to Culture, Science and Society in 2008 the University of Cyprus. ARTos’ pillars are Arts-Sciences-Innovation-Social Impact. In addition, he is the founder of Innovation Gym (an innovative platform for new ideas and new technology usage for sustainable solutions).

He is visiting lecturer to different universities and he is a recognized  innovation trainer and mentor by the national human recourses development department. He also participates in different cross-disciple think-tanks.