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Stelios Kallinikou - Exhibition
acrobat above the dome

A black male bronze statue stands on one hand in front of a yellow background.
Stelios Kallinikou in KunstRaumGoethe | © Stelios Kallinikou

KunstRaumGoethe's second exhibition presents three artists, who explore the body's connection to the earth.

A parachute only works if you pull the ripcord and open it. It requires a conscious effort, but if you are not conscious... can someone else do it for you?

Stelios Kallinikou


Stelios Kallinikou presents us with sequences of imagery, flowing into interlaced dialogues, whilst exploring the nexus between the narrative limitations of photography and consciousness. His images appear mythological and archaeologically proto-human, connecting something primordial to the present by narrativising the body’s connection with the earth. Worlds are constructed at an introspective, meditative pace, and then act as speculative scenarios through which the intersections between territorial and ideological notions relating to 'landscape' - such as space/place and time/history - are explored.