Anthi Paphiou

Anthi Paphiou Photo: Anthi Paphiou Name: Anthi Paphiou
Age: 32
Occupation: freelance / visual performing artist
Your part in the workshop: participant
How do you call yourself in terms of origin?

Why do you attend the project?

To meet people an it helps me to a research that I’m doing based on communication.
What did you learn so far about the „other side“?

How intense ins the desire to live one day all together.
What surprised you the most?

I didn’t expect to meet so beautiful people.
What scared you the most?

That all will end when the project end (the relation between us).
What did you learn about yourself?

How scared I am in front of other people to express my thoughts and feelings about the specific theme of the project.
Do you speak with your friends about these experiences?


And their reaction?

They are curious to see the performance.

Where do you see Cyprus in zehn years?

I don’t know.