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Senem Gökel

Senem Gökel
Senem Gökel | Photo: Mehmet Nevzat Erdogan

Senem Gökel was born in 1982, Nicosia, Cyprus. Her first poems were published in 2005. Her poems, translations and prose have been published in various literary magazines of Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, such as Varlık, Kitap-lık, Cadences and Mandragoras. In 2012, she received the Fikret Demirag Poetry Award from the unions of Cyprus Writers. As a result of this award, a bilingual poetry collection (in Turkish, Greek) was published under the general title of 'Ποίηση/Şiirler' (2012). She is the first Turkish Cypriot poet who participated in a bilingual common book. Her poetry collection in this book is titled as 'İkinci Jülide/Ζουλιντέ η Δεύτερη,' and it includes poems written between 2005 and 2011. Besides this, she also published a poetry pamphlet titled as 'Unutmabeni/Forget-Me-Not/Μη με λησμόνει' (2018). She has participated in several poetry anthologies and literary events as well as organised poetry events, such as Cypriot Poets: Transcending Conflict, at the National Poetry Library, London (2017). Gökel is a member of the Cyprus Writers Union (Ένωση Λογοτεχνών Κύπρου).