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Giorgos Moleskis

Giorgos Moleskis was born in 1946 in the village of Lysi, Cyprus. He studied at the Nicosia English College and at the Moscow State University – Lomonosov. He has an M.A. degree in Russian Language and Literature and a Ph.D. degree in Literature. He was awarded with a Cyprus State Honorary Diploma and a Cyprus State Prize for Poetry, as well as the Pushkin Prize from the Union of Russian Writes (Moscow Organization). From 1967 until today he has published thirteen poetry collections, two books with collected poems, a novel, a book with short stories and five books with poetry translations. Some of his poetry books were translated and published in separate volumes in France, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. His poems have been translated and published in literary magazines and anthologies in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Rumania Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Armenia, Estonia, Spain, Chile and other countries.