Social Sculptures
Exhibition opening

  • In the picture you can see a crowd of people in a hall. They are talking and looking at different works of art. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Opening of the "Beuys100 - Social Sculptures" exhibition on 29 September 2021 at the Goethe-Institute.

  • Twelve people are seen looking at or trying out the artworks. One of them is an installation made of tubes, the other one is a sculpture made of strings, a bow and a riding helmet. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Visitors can look at different works.

  • In the image you can see one of the artists leaning her forehead against the silver/black tube of the sculpture. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    One of them is the sound installation "Melaina Melaina" by the artists Stella N. Christou.

  • One of the visitors holds his ear to the sculpture made of tubes and listens. In the background you can see a photo. Which is one of the other artworks. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Visitors listen to the stories told by the sculpture.

  • A woman is reading the description to one of the artworks. Next to her is another work. It is one of the photographs. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Descriptions of the individual works of art are scattered on the walls.

  • On the left side of the image you can see a man and a woman looking at something. In the right side of the image, you can see a photograph showing two people from behind. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    The photograph of Marietta Mavrokordatou is another work of the exhibition.

  • The image shows a series of photos on a wall. One series of photos shows sitting people, one shows standing people and the third shows cutouts of people. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Marietta Mavrokordatou has exhibited a whole photo series.

  • The image shows two works carved from wood. The works are fixed in front of a wall and show two different nature motives. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    "In the woods" by Simone Philippou is a work made of carved wood.

  • A hand in a white cloth glove is seen leafing through a book of artworks. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Another exhibit by Simone Philippou, which may only be touched with gloves.

  • The image shows a stack of egg cartons and in front of it a metal box with thread and bandages. The whole thing is on a wooden base. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Materials with which the visitors may become creative at an artwork.

  • The picture shows a woman with scissors in her hand. This one is attaching something to a wise curtain, on which other things are already visible. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Visitors attaching materials to the curtain.

  • The photo shows a group of people standing in a semicircle around the curtain, one of the artworks. You can see some materials that were attached to the curtain. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    The visitors can shape the curtain of Mehves Beyidoglu themselves.

  • In the picture you can see a person. This person wears a combination of wooden frame, riding helmet and vest. Her hand is going upwards. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Another sound sculpture is the one by Nicolina Stylianou.

  • You can see two people from the side. One of the persons is wearing a construction made of wood, with a riding helmet on his head and a leather harness.  Strings go from the construction towards the wall. The second person is playing on the strings with a bow. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Visitors become a part of the sculpture and can become active themselves.

  • The image shows a chair. On the chair is a mustard yellow sweater. This one has several arms. There are longer threads hanging from the end of the sweater. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    A sweater knitted by Zoe Polycarpou is also part of the exhibition.

  • The picture shows a hall. On the wall on the right there are various photographs. In front of it two women are standing and talking. On the right of the women is a chair and a sweater. On the TV behind the chair there is a picture. There are other people scattered around the room. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    The curator Marina Christodoulidou looks at the exhibition in the room.

  • The image shows a black rooster standing on a yellow barrel inside its enclosure. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    A very special piece of the exhibition is a living rooster - an installation by Andreas Papamichael.

  • The image shows a table tennis ball lying on a table tennis table in the dark. On the ball lies a table tennis bat. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Besides a rooster, there are other exhibits, such as the table tennis table (installation by Rafaella Constantinou).

  • In the picture you can see three ceramic bowls, which are illuminated in the dark. Behind them kneels a woman. Two more people are standing to the side of it. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    But also Korallia Stergide's ceramic work with reading was to be marveled at the opening.

  • The picture shows a woman sitting outside in front of a wall. To the left and right of her, you can see plants. She has her mouth open to speak and a little below her face is a microphone. © Goethe-Institut, Andreas Loucaides

    Korallia reading her play MYAM MWAM MIAOW MEOW MAM MA.