Marilena Zackheos

Marilena Zackheos
Marilena Zackheos | Photo: Nicos Philippou

Marilena Zackheos grew up in Moscow, Beijing, Nicosia, Geneva, and New York City. She studied philosophy, creative writing, and English literature in the USA and the UK. She is Director of the Cyprus Center for Intercultural Studies and Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Nicosia. She has published on postcolonial literary and cultural studies, psychoanalysis and trauma, gender and sexuality. Her first poetry collection Carmine Lullabies was published by A Bookworm Publication in 2016. She is currently working on a poetic sequence titled Arizona.

The Body

The body fractures heals
traces wipes then retraces its paths
the body dilates
glistens in the first sun
wood-beamed ceiling
in the cold dark
the body contracts
the body emits
gamma-rays speckles
the body greens
the body reds
the bird chorus exalts
the body a magnet the body a magnet
the body done wrong
the body’s learning
uncaged impressions
rooster’s yell insect’s work tumbleweed resigned to air
leaves that blush undulating flag
the body tossed in a mass grave
the body that chills
the body that births
the magical trick
the upright stir
in the body unearthed
in the earth upturned
the body is found
the body is ground in the world upside down