Exhibition: 07.12.2021–19.03.2022
Frau Architekt

In the right quarter of the image the text "Frau Architekt" is written in white letters on an orange background. The rest of the image is a collage of black and white photographs. These show various architectural works and designs as well as women architects at work. © Goethe-Institut Zypern

The Frau Architekt exhibition in Nicosia presents the work and personal portraits of 11 female Cypriot architects, in addition to the 22 female German architects originally presented at the DAM (German Architecture Museum) in Frankfurt, in 2017.

The expansion of Frau Architekt in Nicosia, constitutes the first dedicated exhibition celebrating the work of women architects from Cyprus. The exhibition connects to a global movement which discusses and highlights the valuable contributions of female architects who are transforming the field. This exhibition aims to open the discussion and enable local experts to engage in this conversation.

Moreover, the exhibition celebrates architecture as a diverse practice which creates a positive impact on society. It features works ranging from designed and realized projects, to academia, activism, social engagement, entrepreneurship, sustainability, urbanism, and preservation.

A conscious effort was made to select and showcase Cypriot female architects from different periods, as well as different fields within the profession of architecture. While it is the first exhibition focused on female architects in Cyprus, it is not to be viewed as a comprehensive or historical presentation. The portraits feature individuals and partnerships working on either side of the divide and/or closely collaborating across it. Such collaborations are in themselves a political statement and a step towards peacebuilding. The exhibition also showcases for the first time the work of Maro Efthymiades-Adjini, the first known Cypriot female architect, who graduated in 1960. She opened the way for other contemporaries such as Solmaz Feridun (1961), Eleni Romanou Demetriadou (1969), Androula Demetriou (1970) and Sevim Altan (1972).

The Cypriot architects presented in the exhibition are Maro Efthymiades-Adjini, Meltem Nalbantoğlu, Sevina Floridou, Margarita Danou, Esra Can Akbil, Münevver Özgür Özersay, Christiana Ioannou, Athina Papadopoulou, İlkay Feridun, Veronika Antoniou, and Simzer Kaya.

The Curators of the Cypriot Chapter:
Müge Riza and Teresa Tourvas

Over a 100 years women in architecture

  • A man in jeans and grey jacket and a women in black clothes wearing face masks are standing in an exhibition room. Each one browses on a booklet. At the background there is a board with the title of the exhibition FRAU ARCHITEKT, text and photos and an open wooden door with people standing around it. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • Several visitors wearing face masks are in an exhibition room. In the left half of the picture, a young man in a jeans jacket is browsing through the exhibition catalogue, while in the right half of the picture, several visitors are reading the exhibition panels in concentration. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • Three visitors are reading and looking at the exhibition board on the Cypriot architects Margarita Danou and Sevina Floridou. The lady on the left wears glasses and a black jumper, the one in the middle wears a loose-fitting white top, and the woman on the right a red jumper with a golden scarf. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • A young man with a face mask, baseball cap and black hoodie reads the text on the exhibition board about the architect Christiana Ioannou. In the background you can see the grey metal scaffolding on which the exhibition panels are mounted and a woman with a black face mask. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • A visitor to the exhibition is looking at a picture of a building designed by Christiana Ioannou. She has an exhibition flyer in her right hand and is wearing a beige jacket, a brown backpack and has a coloured ribbon in her hair. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • A woman is standing at a wooden table leafing through the catalogue of the exhibition FRAU ARCHITEKT. On the table there are also some exhibition booklets containing translations of the exhibition texts. On the open page of the catalogue one can see monochrome architectural illustrations. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • A darkly dressed woman with a light grey handbag stands in front of two exhibition panels on German women architects. The lady's right foot is slightly bent forward. The panels are attached to the white wall with transparent threads. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"

  • Two ladies are having an intense conversation in the exhibition space. The woman on the left of the picture carries a glass in her right hand and underlines the course of the conversation with a movement of her left hand. In the foreground one can see part of the exhibition scaffolding and a screen. Both visitors are in the back of the photo, dressed in black and wear black face masks. © Goethe-Institut Zypern, Antonia Maria Nicolaides

    Exhibition "Frau Architekt"