Kyriaki Costa – Exhibition
Temporal Inconsistencies / Head and Hand Series

Kyriaki Costa – Exhibition
Photo: Goethe-Institut/Andreas Loucaides

As a visual artist, Kyriaki Costa is interested in the repair of objects and the new aesthetic this creates.

By Kyriaki Costa

I deal with issues related to the repair of objects and the new aesthetics created through it. Through the restoration process I seek to delineate the "new perspective" by looking at how a space can be reused after its repair and how its identity is redefined by the new changes.

This work can be compared to the theory of Jacques Le Goff who, in an effort to explain the fine dividing line between past, present and future, uses the example of inconsistencies of grammatical tenses and the fact that a past tense can be used as a reference to the present, or a present tense as a reference to the future, showing how flexible the relationship is between them and that each is essentially created by the other.

In the work Temporal Inconsistencies / Head and Hand series, Ι "re/new" the Goethe Institut’s space using discarded waste material. Fragments that are no longer used because they are considered "useless" are disconnected, reconnected, and through an organic process, the back and forth of time, "works", the symbols of language, crystals, puzzles and hints are revealed.