Exhibition opening
Found and Lost

  • In the foreground there is a bed frame and in the background a white wall on which a print of a picture and a shelve with a series of boxfiles are attached. Three people are standing looking at the artwork, while three people seated talk to each other. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Works by Marina Xenofontos

  • Several people are standing in an exhibition hall. In the centre of the hall there are two bed frames, while different artworks are placed on the walls. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    The exhibition opened on 9 April 2022, in the precence of the curator Lorenzo Graf and the Cypriot artist Marina Xenofontos

  • A woman with blonde hair, light blue shirt and dark trousers stands in front of a white wall and talks to an audience. On her right side is an artwork consisting by a shelve, a stuffed animal and a kitchen device. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Institute director Gabriele Gauler at the opening of the exhibition

  • A young man in white shirt stands in front of an open white door and talks while gesturing with his left hand. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Curator Lorenzo Graf at the exhibition opening

  • A video projection on a wall shows a girl of Asian origins greeting with her right hand. We see the figures of three standing people who are watching the video. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Artist Phung-Tien Phan sends a virtual greeting

  • A girl with long hair, a white shirt and a face mask touches some boxfiles that are placed in front of her. Next to her are standing two people who watch. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Artist Marina Xenofontos shows her work “House Crystal”

  • Several people are standing in an exhibition hall. They are all facing towards the camera, as if they are watching something. In the centre of the hall there are two bed frames and at the back a video projection. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    The exhibition consists of sculptures, installations and video works.

  • Close-up of a row of orders labelled "Andreas Xenofontos Ergoliptiki Co Ltd". Blurred figures of people can be seen in the background. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Detail of the work “House Crystal” by Marina Xenofontos

  • We see the back of a woman who is looking into some black boxfiles arranged in a row. Behind the boxfiles is a a print showing two handprints, two shadows of open palms and a tuxedo hanging on a door. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    A visitor observes the work “House Crystal” by Marina Xenofontos

  • Two rows of colorful lights are placed on the floor of a room, in front of a corner of wood-paneled walls. In front of them stands a man in black clothes with his back turned to the camera. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    A visitor observes the work “Dragmonster 1974” by Marina Xenofontos

  • A video projection on the wall shows the face of a girl wearing a face mask and a wool hat. The blurred image of three ladies standing is in the foreground. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Phung-Tien Phan's video “Tragic Triangle Trip” is shown at the exhibition.

  • A television placed on a wall shows a video scene where an explosion is happening. A man with headphones is standing in front of the television watching the towards the screen. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Visitors can watch Phung-Tien Phan's video “Girl at Heart” using headphones.

  • At the right side of the picture there is a television on the wall. A man, who is standing at the left side of the photo, is watching the television. At the background there is an installation with a coat covered with a raincoat hanging from a shelve. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Next to her video works, Phung-Tien Phan shows also the installation “Dizzzy”.

  • In the foreground at the left side of the picture there are two men standing. Their faces are not shown, but one of them holds a glass of wine. At the background blurred there is an artwork where the shape of a dinosaur stands out and a man who stands leaning on the wall. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    The installation “Dino at Risk” by Phung-Tien Phan

  • Flyers with the logo Found and Lost and text on a gray background. © Goethe-Institut, Spyros Christofi

    Information material about the exhibition