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Newsletter 03/2020


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Summer Semester 2021 - Continue learning!

From now on you can find and book courses for the summer semester 2021 on our website!
For beginners we have thought of something very special next year. There will be two intensive A1 courses where you can complete the whole A1 level by June 2021. The A1 course for adults will take place completely online. The other A1 course is an evening course for teenagers in classroom format.

5% Early booking discount

If you already know now that you would like to continue learning in your follow-up course in the coming semester, the Goethe-Institut Cyprus offers you an early booking discount of 5% if you book and pay for the course by 06.01.21!

Exam dates 2021

To help you plan your next steps in learning German - or perhaps even your way to Germany - we have already set all the examination dates for 2021 and made them available for booking on our website or in the course office!


Computer technology with iHub, Kenya

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Digital German examinations

From 2021, Goethe-Zertifikat B1 and B2 examinations can be taken digitally on a laptop at the Goethe-Institut Cyprus. Digital German exams offer a better overview in the READING part, better audio quality in the LISTENING part (thanks to individual headphones), as well as more convenient handling in the WRITING part, which is now typed and thus offers advantages in formatting and textual design. In February 2021 we will introduce the digital B2 exam. From June 2021 the digital B1 exams will be added. 

Professional development

Online webinars for German teachers

This year, the Goethe-Institut is offering two more interesting webinars for teachers of German as a foreign language. On 11.12.20 Christiane Bolte-Costabiei will introduce you to the exam preparation for the Goethe-Zertifikat C1, and on 16.12.20 Agnieszka Krajewska will guide you through her webinar on digital DaF lessons with vlogs and videos.


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