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Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen© Goethe-Institut

Free app for learning German
Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen.

Discover Germany and learn German! Experience exciting Augmented Reality (AR) features with the free app Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen. and the accompanying colourful poster of Germany. You can improve your German through play with many interactive activities.

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Video about Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen

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Get started with the app

Learn anytime and anywhere 
Would you like to start immediately?

  • Download the app on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or Apple stores.
  • Get the poster of Germany from this website. Print the poster (A4 is big enough). You can also open the PDF on a computer or tablet.
  • Align your smartphone with the poster and select one of the six topics in the app.
  • Begin an activity and let yourself be surprised. 


Download the free app now.

Poster download

Download the accompanying poster of Germany now to be able to “play” the app.

  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Poster with app © Goethe-Institut
    Poster with app
  • Screenshot zur App: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Riddle with Max and Moritz © Goethe-Institut
    Riddle with Max and Moritz
  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Topic overview © Goethe-Institut
    Topic overview
  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Unvoiced slideshow environmental protection © Goethe-Institut
    Unvoiced slideshow environmental protection
  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Audio slideshow sport © Goethe-Institut
    Audio slideshow sport
  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Word grid © Goethe-Institut
    Word grid “Go for a walk”
  • Screenshot for the app: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Matching exercise VW Beetle © Goethe-Institut
    Matching exercise VW Beetle
  • Screenshot zur App: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Drag & Drop Übung Götterspeise © Goethe-Institut
  • Screenshot zur App: Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen | Film Zusammenleben © Goethe-Institut

Learn German

Do you already know a bit of German (from an A2 level) and are interested in Germany? Would you like to know more? We show you how young people in Germany live, what they find cool, what’s important to them and much more.

In the app Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen. you will watch interesting movies, read exciting texts and listen to informative audio clips with colourful illustrations. You will easily be able to improve your German with great exercises.

Do the activities and train your listening comprehension and reading ability in German!

Discover Germany

Germany is: Lederhosen and Oktoberfest, Autobahn and Fußball, Wurst and Bauhaus. But Germany is also much more. For example, do you know what “Himmel und Erde” or a “Bienenstich” taste like? What do bears have to do with Germany? Do you know the “Sportmuffel”? Why do so many Germans separate their garbage? Do you prefer “Die Ärtze” or “Die Toten Hosen”?

Find out and get to know a modern and multifaceted Germany!

In the app you will discover more about life in Germany and the beloved pastimes of its youth. You will find out about nature and environmental conservation projects, as well as popular music and well-known scientists. You will also see how students live and receive information about the working world in Germany.

Test your knowledge

How well do you know Germany? Did you know that there are many different traditions in each region? In Germany there are also many sports and environmental conservation organisations. Many inventions and bands also come from Germany. Do you know all of them?

How good is your German? Do you know a lot of vocabulary and are good at German spelling?

Solve tricky puzzles and test yourself.

The app in lessons

For German teachers who would like to use the app in their lessons, there are free worksheets on this website that correspond to the six topics, as well as ideas on how to employ them. The worksheets for each topic can be worked on as a whole or, alternatively, only parts of them can be used. There is also an answer sheet, tips for usage in distance learning and QR codes for more videos and music in some of the worksheets.

Naturally, anyone who wishes to do more exercises about the information in the app can also download these worksheets.