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Illustration: Young people on skateboards on a skate ramp© ovos media GmbH

Free app for learning German
The German Quiz Challenge

With the "German Quiz Challenge" game app it is possible to have fun while learning and at the same time put your German skills to the test. Learn German together with five friends from Munich and find out more about Germany. The game is also suitable for distance learning!

Are your students learning German and are they between the ages of 13 and 16? Then "German Quiz Challenge" is just the thing. Join us in Munich and meet five young skateboarders who will help you test your students in listening, reading and writing while they learn about a wide variety of topics such as the environment and the alternative music scene, all without hours of revision work. At the same time, the game helps to increase motivation to learn, as the playful format takes the stress out of assessment and enhances the quality of German lessons. Teaching materials and resources are available to guide them along the way. Have fun with the "German Quiz Challenge"!

  • Screenshot for the app: The German Quiz Challenge | Live-Session © Goethe-Institut
  • Screenshot for the app: The German Quiz Challenge | Friends © Goethe-Institut


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The "German Quiz Challenge" (GQC) is a new learning tool brought to you by the Goethe-Institut London in partnership with Ovos, designed for German teachers and secondary school level pupils (13 to 16) to learn German in a fun and interactive way - using computers, smartphones and tablets, the devices of today.

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