Couch Lessons

Key Visual Couch Lessons Illustration: Marcia Mihotich
Couch Lessons: A series of in-depth lectures and conversations about Artificial Intelligence – every Wednesday

Generation A=Algorithm
Online discussion series about the future of artificial intelligence

Big data, algorithms, deep learning - artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives from the ground up and has long been present in our everyday. Through the corona pandemic it has grown significantly, public and private life increasingly take place digitally. In its new discussion series Couch Lessons launching on the 20 May 2020, the Goethe-Institut will examine what opportunities and risks are associated with AI. Every Wednesday from 6–7 pm international experts give an insight into different fields of AI and discuss with each other and the audience about their meaning for our society.

The weekly discussion series of the Goethe-Institut addresses viewers worldwide – also those outside the tech community – and aims to stimulate thought and contemplation about the meaning of AI for the societies of today and tomorrow. The series is curated and moderated by Martin Thörnkvist (curator und organizer of Deep Cuts and Hours Beirut, Sweden) and Jeannette Neustadt (project manager Generation A = Algorithm, Goethe-Institut, Germany). Each episode looks at different areas of AI.