Film Screening Beyond the visible – Hilma af Klint

The image shows a woman (Hilma af Klint) painting patterns barefoot on her knees. Her work is on the floor and she is standing on the part that is not painted yet. The artwork is in white, green and light purple. © kinofreund eG 2021

Thu, 11.11.2021


Goethe-Institut Nicosia

The image is in black and white. You can see a woman (Hilma af Klint) sitting on a chair and leaning against a table on the left. Behind her in the room is a portrait. Hilma af Klint | © kinofreund eG 2021 The art world makes a sensational discovery - just 100 years too late. In 1906 Hilma af Klint paints her first abstract picture, long before Kandinsky, Mondrian or Malewitsch. In total, she creates over 1,500 abstract paintings, which remain hidden from posterity for decades. How could it be that a woman founded abstract painting at the beginning of the 20th century and no one took any notice of it?

This cinematic approach to a pioneer whose sensual work fascinates, not only artistically, shows a lifelong search for meaning that seeks to grasp life beyond the visible. Hilma af Klint's extraordinary world of thought ranges from biology and astronomy to theosophy and the theory of relativity, spanning a fascinating cosmos of unique images and notes.

Today, the artist inspires millions with her unrestrained thinking, which culminates in an overwhelming oeuvre and turns the historiography of art on its head.

Directed by: Halina Dyrschka
Production: Eva Illmer, Halina Dyrschka
Music: Damian Scholl
Cinematography: Alicja Pahl, Luana Knipfer
Film editing: Antje Lass, Mario Orias