Exhibition Rethinking – Learning from Nature

Rethinking © Goethe-Institut

12 – 27 January 2016

Goethe-Institut Nicosia

21 Markou Drakou
Next to Ledra Palace Hotel on the "Green Line"
1102 Nicosia

Interactive exhibition for young people

Vernissage: 12 January 2016, 6 p.m. (with a New Year´s reception for teachers of German)

„Rethinking – learning from nature“ is an exhibition about the importance of the four elements water, fire, earth and air for human beings.

By presenting surprising facts and a multitude of positive and negative examples, the exhibition is appealing to the emotions of the young visitors, they are involved in the hands-on-activities and can find suggestions, how each and every one can contribute to protect the environment better.

Our exhibition is targeted at school-age children and young people interested in German language as well as in science subjects. It aims to raise awareness of the environment. It does not attempt to communicate simple messages: instead, it aims at inspiring visitors to continue looking into the theme – maybe by using our website on this subject, but of course also in their school classes, in form of projects or topic-based activities. The exhibition is combining learning German with environment protection – and the topic can be explored better through interdisciplinary teacher´s cooperation.

You can make a reservation for a free-of-charge tour of the exhibition; for groups (7-25 persons) a pre-registration is mandatory.
Pre-registration: Tel.: 22 674 608;
Elena Petrou

Dr. Christiane Krämer-Hus-Hus

We ask that the group is accompanied by at least 2 teachers: a teacher of German and a teacher for biology / ecology / chemistry / physics / geography.

Teaching materials
(selection of materials; further handouts and materials for A2 and B1: please contact: il@nikosia.goethe.org)

A1 Vorbereitung (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Vorbereitung (Hinweise für Lehrende)
A1 Rallye (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Rallye (Hinweise für Lehrende)
A1 Nachbereitung (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Nachbereitung (Hinweis für Lehrende

A1 Vorbereitung und Rallye (Hinweise für Lehrende)
A1 Vorbereitung (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Rallye (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Bastelanleitung Flaschengarten
A1 Station Erde (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Feuer (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Luft (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Wasser (Arbeitsblatt)

A1 Station Erde (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Feuer (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Luft (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Station Wasser (Arbeitsblatt)
A1 Flaschengarten Bauanleitung

Games and quiz:
CO2-CALCULATOR:  When it´s about the environment, everyone’s involved. Bike or car? Camping holiday or long-haul flight? Test your CO2 output here 

EITHER - OR: TEST YOUR ECO TYPE: What eco type are you?  

QUIZ: AROUNDTHEWORLD: How well do you know your way around? Do you know what’s what?

Film experience of the four elements
Earth – positive impressions

Earth – negative impressions

Air – positive impressions

Air – negative impressions

Fire – positive impressions

Fire – negative impressions

Water – positive impressions

Water – negative impressions

Take Part!
Make your own fire: How can you make fire with no matches or lighter? Here a few practical tips

How to make a garden in a bottle: How does the plant comes into the bottle? Manual

Tel. Goethe-Institut: 22 674 608
Elena Petrou

Dr. Christiane Krämer-Hus-Hus

Partner for the presentation of the exhibition „Rethinking” in Cyprus: Cyprus Teachers of German Association (ZDV), www.zdv-online.org

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