Presentation Freiraum

Freiraum – Mural Photo: Achilleas Kentonis

Sat, 24.11.2018

10:00 - 14:00

Goethe-Institut Nicosia

The Freiraum Project, which started almost a year ago, culminates on the 24th of November. It all began with the question regarding freedom in Europe and what it means for the various cities throughout Europe where the Goethe-Institut is to be found.

Two randomly selected cities worked together on a joint project that allowed them to grapple with their own questions and perspectives in regards to the concept of freedom. Nicosia had to deal with youth unemployment as a result of the crisis, while its twin city Rome had to deal with the protection of young people that are “employed” by the Mafia. In both cases, education played a defining role.

With the support of the comic museum in Cosenza, students of the Roman institute IIS Enzo Ferrari created graffiti that can be seen on the façade of the school, as well as in the library of the Accademia Popolare dei diritti e dell’antimafia. An identical graffiti will be created in a refugee camp, as well as other emblematic places in Nicosia. In this way, a concrete symbol will have been created that is representative of the dialogue that occurred between Rome and Nicosia within the framework of the project Freiraum. In addition to organizing an international colloquium in Nicosia, new technologies were used and further developed, such as the Augmented Reality App and the 360 degrees video. Different workshops were held, while the 1st festival was organized in a neighbourhood in the refugee camp Strovolos III, where there were a variety of activities that the locals participated in.

On the 24th of November, guests will have the chance to witness the ways in which these activities have progressed and, at the same time, experience the Augmented Reality App and the 360° Video of the Goethe-Institut. During a visit to the Strovolos III neighbourhood, the murals and joint graffiti will be viewed. Additionally, a special exhibition called Re-New at the ARTos Foundation will be visited, where the results of redesigning and reusing old objects and furniture will be seen as another way of engaging young people in the creative industry market.