Playthrough and discussion Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You

Orwell, Screenshot © Osmotic Studios, 2016

Wed, 25.09.2019

19:30 - 21:00

Goethe-Institut Nicosia

Games and Politics

The game Orwell, produced by Osmotic Studio in 2016, is the first of three games that will be played live. Experts from Cyprus and Germany will comment the playthrough and answer audience questions.

The video game Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You by Osmotic Studios throws the player into a world where surveillance is part of everyday life. In the fictional state "The Nation", which is led by the dictatorial regime called “The Party”, citizens are spied on by the surveillance system “Orwell". Through this surveillance system, so-called “Investigators” and their "Advisors" filter and evaluate the communication of suspected persons. The particular twist: The Investigators sit outside of “The Nation”, as spies recruited abroad. The player takes on the role of an investigator who should analyze the data of suspects after a terror attack. In the process the player is never fully aware of all the incidents, but is dependent on the information and instructions given by the advisor. Quickly the question arises: who is spying on whom.

Moderator: Frixos Masouras
Gamer: Constantinos Psillides
Speaker DE: Daniel Marx, Osmotic Studios (Spielentwickler von Orwell)
Speaker CY: Dinos Pastos, Internet Security Expert

Frixos Masouras Photo: private Frixos Masouras was born and raised in Cyprus during times of less technological dependence. That makes him sound like a technophobe, but in reality, the previous statement is simple fact and not a nostalgic dirge. An avid gamer, both on tabletops and monitors, he grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons since he was 12 and a myriad of digital games on countless systems. He understood early on that the social responsibility that befalls on the shoulders of developers is not unlike the responsibility of any other creators of art.  He is a published author and screenwriter as well as an established sports commentator and presenter for the last twelve years.

Constantinos Psillides Photo: private Constantinos Psillides is a former journalist, specializing in the areas of technology, environment and social issues. Having worked in the industry for more than 10 years, he is now currently employed by a software company as Project Manager. Always interested in what lies ahead, Constantinos hosted one of the first podcasts in Cyprus, the Laughing Mouflon Show where he interviewed people from the entertainment industry as well as experts in various academic fields. Ever the gamer, he continues to have fun in the virtual world while remaining aware of the huge impact the gaming industry now has in modern society.

Daniel Marx Photo: Osmotic Studios Daniel Marx is CEO and Game Director at Osmotic Studios, a small team of game developers from Hamburg, Germany. In 2016 the studio launched their multi-award-winning debut project Orwell, an interactive thriller about data espionage.

Originally Daniel studied computer science at Paderborn University. After graduation, he made his first steps in the games industry at Daedalic Entertainment before continuing his studies at the HAW Hamburg in the "Games Master". In the study program he co-developed the project GroundPlay, which won the German Computer Game Award in 2013. Although GroundPlay was discontinued, the award win made it possible to found Osmotic Studios.

Dinos Pastos Photo: private Dinos Pastos was born in Birmingham (England) on June 15, 1981, and since 1988 he lives in Nicosia. He holds MSc Advanced Software Engineering from Westminster University. His professional activity began in Cyprus with the development of innovative technological products and services. In a while he managed to find himself in America and Canada, where he successfully continued researching for innovative projects. He specializes in Internet Security, Computer forensic analyst, and in the field of electronic communications.