Educational Programme for Children …And then we will surely find our way

A graphic representation of the title "Found and lost" in gray and white colours which is placed on the left side of the picture. The upper half of the image has a white background and the lower one has a gray background. Above the word "found" we see with smaller orange and gray capital letters the word KunstRaumGoethe. © Goethe-Institut Zypern

Sat, 14.05.2022


Goethe-Institut Nicosia

Creative meetings for little exhibition visitors in KunstRaumGoethe

The Goethe-Institut Cyprus is organizing a series of workshops to accompany the exhibition “Found and Lost” taking place within the KunstRaumGoethe framework. The programmes will take place on different dates, in different languages and with different activities for different age groups, allowing participants to engage with the artworks through different experiential approaches.

…And then we will surely find our way /

And now how will we get out of the forest? But Hansel comforted her: Just wait a little longer until the moon rises, and then we will surely find our way.

From the fairy-tale by Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel

With the exhibit as their starting point, the little exhibition visitors go outside to follow the path and… find. What will they find? And what stories will they create after their quest? After a game of exploration, the young visitors are invited to experiment with instant photography and other creative activities, giving their own narratives about the objects they have discovered.

For ages 6-12.
With the Curator of Museum Education Programmes Valia Matsentidou.

All workshops will take place in compliance with the safety measures against the spread of Covid-19.