Goethe-Test PRO:
Deutsch für den Beruf

Goethe-Institut Deutschprüfungen BULATS Deutsch-Test für den Beruf Foto: Getty Images/Lane Oatey

Chtěli byste ...

  • získat doklad o jazykových znalostech, kterým se můžete prokázat při hledání práce
  • pro pracovní účely doložit své profesně zaměřené znalosti němčiny
  • poskytovat podporu německy hovořícím klientům
  • otestovat jazykové znalosti zaměstnanců/ zaměstnankyň nebo uchazečů/ uchazeček o práci

The Goethe-Test PRO: German for Professionals exam is a German test for adults that can be used to determine candidates’ language skills in a workplace setting.

The Goethe-Test PRO is available to book through our Exam Centres from 01.04.2017.

How Goethe-Test PRO works:

Goethe-Test PRO is a computer-based test. The program uses advanced technology to evaluate your own personal language skills quickly within 60 to 90 minutes. All participants begin the test at the same level. As the test progresses, the program chooses the next question based on your previous answer, allowing the level of difficulty to be automatically adjusted to your language skills. The test results and a report on your level of language proficiency are available immediately after you have completed the test.
The test is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

Information for companies

Goethe-Test PRO is especially suitable for companies that want to check the language skills of job applicants quickly and precisely or want to identify employees with the ability needed to work in the international business environment.

Goethe-Test PRO is an internationally recognised and flexible online test. It can be taken either at one of our test centres worldwide or at your company’s premises. The results are available immediately after the test has been completed.