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CYCLE UP! addresses artists, decision-makers and citizens. Together we want to use art and creativity to put the bicycle centre stage: as a climate-neutral, sustainable and safe means of transport. For more information:

What is CYCLE UP!?

CYCLE UP! connects artists, decision-makers, and communities who care about our climate to find creative ideas and solutions to bring more bicycles to our streets.

At the intersection of art, culture, and sustainability, we will inspire a shift in perceptions and behaviours towards cycling for people of all ages and abilities. We want to empower those who are involved in CYCLE UP! to see art and creativity as a tool to change existing political and social realities. At the same time, we will discover how artistic processes can be made more environmentally sustainable, through local and participative models and by reducing the footprint of our artist-in-residence programmes. Our vision is a future where art sparks conversation and action around bicycle culture and the climate emergency. 

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