Why talk to Animals

Why Talk To Animals

A trilogy by Mobile Academy Berlin

    The Conference

    The one-day conference Portraying Animals explores the role of animals in contemporary art. The genre of the animal portrait is of particular importance here: the portrait does not simply show an animal, but always this one animal. More

    The Shooting

    Mobile Academy Berlin has prepared a one-day experiment to be held at the DEPO2015 hall in Plzeň. Human-animal pairs that have lived and worked a long time together will play the leads: a falcon and its falconer, a pig and its client, a guide dog and his trainer, and a python and its keeper, to name a few. More

    Copyright: Goethe-Institut Tallinn

    The Product

    The third stage of the project is as a direct consequence of the photo shooting. The resulting images of this public shooting are the starting point for the production of posters, small gadgets, souvenirs and other consumer items. More