Teachers, counselors and course leaders – our team

Lehrer, Betreuer und Kursleiter; Foto: Goethe-Institut Foto: Goethe-Institut
Our course leaders have plenty of experience in working with children and teens. On the campus they are responsible for organizing the lessons, the sports, culture and leisure-time program, and also for health and safety.

They are available to the course participants and their parents at all times for any questions and suggestions, and are always ready to help or provide advice. Parents can contact the course leaders by e-mail or telephone.
Our teachers have degrees (generally in "DaF" – teaching German as a foreign language) and plenty of experience with children and teens. The young participants in the Young Learners Program benefit from the expertise and qualifications of our teachers.

Each class has its own class teacher. The lessons, with a maximum class size of 16, are designed with the age group in mind. The activities are varied, with plenty of changes of pace. Classroom activities take the form of a playful, interactive process. Naturally our teachers respond to individual abilities and learning objectives and are pleased to help when learners have special requests.

They are also available outside classroom hours for advice and individual study assistance. The classroom teachers accompany their classes on the excursions for getting to know Germany and its people.
Members of the counselor team are available for the course participants, including at night if needed. They plan the program of sports, culture and leisure-time activities, taking participants' wishes into account whenever possible.

The counselors are available to deal with all everyday questions and concerns that arise during the course. They are handpicked by the Goethe-Institut for these courses and have extensive experience in working with children and teens.

A love of working with children – that is the basic qualification in our extensive hiring process for counselors. All of our counselors have experience in working with young people, a first aid certificate, a DLRG (German Life Saving Society) life saving certificate and a full police background check. Some of them are musicians, music teachers and theater arts instructors.

Depending on the age group, at least one counselor is present for 10 to 15 participants. The younger the participants, the more intensive the support by the counselors. This ensures the best possible leisure-time program and the right level of supervision. The staff are on hand for the children during sports, games and excursions, and are also housed in the same building.

The counselors conduct group discussions with the course participants every evening. Course participants have the opportunity, either in the group discussions or confidentially, to talk about what they like or anything that is bothering them .
Please note that it is not possible to provide one-to-one supervision or care for health reasons or otherwise. In such cases we regret that we must request the child's departure from the course.

At every course location the Goethe-Institut team is made up of the course coordinator, a deputy coordinator, teachers (one teacher for 12 to 16 participants) and counselors (one counselor for 10 to 15 course participants).
Our German staff can generally speak several languages, so that the children can also communicate with them in their native languages in case of important questions or concerns.