Courses and programs

Rund um das Kursangebot; Photo: Fotolia, Christian Schwier Photo: Fotolia, Christian Schwier
All courses include:
  • German instruction including teaching materials
  • Placement test
  • Sports, culture and leisure-time program*
  • Accommodation in boarding schools (or hotels for young adults)
  • Full board
  • Professional supervision
  • Internet access
  • Two daytrips for three-week courses
Every course in the young learners program has its own blog during the course:

Additional costs * We do not offer activities posing increased risks to individuals or groups or involving potential liability risks for the Goethe-Institut or participants.
Learning German at the Goethe-Institut means actively experiencing and using the language in pairs and in groups, for example through role plays, with interviews or in small projects. The lessons are suited to the various age groups and contain plenty of variety. Speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar are linked in a meaningful way, quickly familiarizing the young learners with the German language. The lessons are in German from the very first day. We use textbooks for all courses. At higher levels the teachers also prepare supplementary materials for each course on an individual basis according to the topic of the lessons. Homework is given on selected days. The course materials are included in the course fee.  

Lessons are given at various levels. Most course locations offer levels A1 to C1.

Course duration and lesson times

Teen courses
Two, three or four weeks
Ages: 12–15 / 14–17 / 18–21 years:
24 45-minute units of instruction (UI) per week
Lessons are from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30
Project work is scheduled twice a week in the afternoons

Intensive courses
Three weeks
Ages: 14–17 years:
30 units of instruction per week (45 minutes each)
Lessons from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Project work is scheduled twice a week in the afternoonsg

Children's course
Two or three weeks
Ages: 9–12:
20 units of instruction per week (45 minutes each)
Lessons from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30

Class size
The children learn German in an international group with 10 to 16 participants.

Learn German – all day long
In the leisure time program, the participants have enjoyable and informal opportunities to try out what they are learning in the lessons. An integral part of the teaching program are the excursions with the teacher to learn about Germany and its people. Immersion in a German-speaking environment, combined with our effective teaching methods, will ensure more fun for the learners through progress they can see within a short time.

Participation certificate / assessment
Each participant receives an attendance certificate at the end of the course, indicating the course level attended, the number of units and the length of the course.