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The boarding schools
Our young learners courses take place at renowned boarding schools, sports academies, conference centers and hotels in Germany's most scenic regions. The classrooms and dormitories are situated on a campus along with the sports facilities and green spaces.

The schools generally have several common rooms, games rooms, music rooms, and recreational and sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors.

The rooms
In the boarding schools double rooms and dorm-style multi-bed rooms are available with a shower and WC. Boys and girls are accommodated separately. Some course locations offer single rooms, in some cases for an extra charge.

Rooms are shared by children and teens of the same age from different countries. In this international setting they are quick to make friends.

Boys and girls stay on separate floors or in different houses.

Depending on the course location, showers and toilets are located in each room or on the same hallway.

Towels and bed linen are provided and are changed on a regular basis.

Supervision and care
Our team is on hand in the boarding school around the clock.

Laundry is collected once or twice per course (included in course fee). It is washed either in the school's own washing machines or sent to an outside laundry.

At some course locations, participants wash their clothes at a laundromat. (Please ensure that clothes are machine washable.)

As a rule, ironing boards are not available.

Reminder: Please label all clothing with a name or other identifying mark.
Schools, boarding schools, continuing education facilities and youth hostels are subject to strict legal provisions regarding fire protection, emergency equipment, etc.

House rules
In all schools, boarding schools, continuing education facilities and youth hostels, the applicable house rules must be followed; in some cases (e.g. regarding the prohibition of alcohol), these rules may be stricter than those required by law.

General rules
  • Order and cleanliness in rooms
  • Respect for other cultures and religions
  • Absolute ban on alcohol
  • Rauchverbot (entsprechend dem deutschen Gesetz)
  • Under our house rules and general regulations, sexual contact is not permitted either on or off campus during the course or the leisure-time programs.
  • Bullying or physical aggression will not be tolerated.
  • Unaccompanied departure from boarding school and campus is not permitted
  • Departure from campus or absence is permitted only by arrangement with the course management.
  • Overnight stays outside the boarding school are not permitted.
  • Overnight guests in the boarding school are not permitted.
Leaving the campus
In the interest of safety we must know the location of the children and teens at all times, around the clock.

Participants in children's courses may not leave the boarding school property (i.e. the campus) unaccompanied.

Older children or teens may leave the campus only by arrangement with the service team, but only in small groups of three of more participants. If course participants break these rules, we will inform their parents.

Please note that we cannot permit minors to travel unaccompanied. Children must be picked up at the course location by a relative. We will also require your written consent in advance. Bitte fordern Sie das Formular hierfür beim Kundenmanagement an.

Hitchhiking is not allowed.

In case of repeated violations of regulations and house rules, early departure may be necessary in exceptional cases.

Sexual contact of any kind between participants, including consensual contact, will result in immediate departure. The same applies to repeated instances of bullying or physical aggression. Violations of the law may be reported to the authorities.

Parents will be required to pay the costs resulting from early departure.