Feeling at home / Safety

Wohlfühlen und Sicherheit; Foto: Fotolia, Heggie Foto: Fotolia, Heggie
Supervision and care
The very best of care from arrival until departure: We will provide professional care for your son or daughter at all times: from the arrival in Germany, on every course day, on weekends, and right through to airport check-in for the homebound flight.

Individual care
We regret that it is not possible to provide individual care for health-related or other reasons requiring round-the-clock supervision. In such cases we must ask you to pick up your child at the course location.
The safety and well-being of all course participants is our top priority. To ensure the safety of all course participants, it may be necessary in certain cases and for good cause to conduct night-time room checks.

Experienced teams
Our teachers and the counselor team have years of experience with children and teens, in the classroom and with the organization of the leisure-time program.

Our German staff can generally speak several languages, so that the children can also communicate with them in their native languages, or at least in English.

If your child feels homesick, please do not worry: We are there for your child at all times.

Facilities geared to young people
The boarding schools we select are geared specifically to young guests and are very child-friendly, from the atmosphere to the furnishings and facilities.

Our advice: Preparation is everything
Please go over the planned stay in Germany with your child once more.It is important for your child to know that he or she will be spending two to four weeks in new surroundings, learning German and taking part in leisure-time activities with children and teens from other countries – without parents or relatives. If your child plays an active part in this decision, the stay in Germany will be even more enjoyable and successful. If you have any questions in this regard, please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to advise you.

Of course a few rules are needed to ensure the peaceful coexistence and safety of all participants. The house rules for the accommodation and the general rules outlined above apply to everyone.

Carry course ID at all times
To ensure participants' safety everywhere and at all times: your child will carry his or her participant ID card at all times, indicating name, address and the telephone number of the course office.

Carry participant ID card at all times
To ensure safety wherever our learners go, your child will carry his or her participant ID card at all times, indicating name, address and the telephone number of the course office.
Telephone and internet
You can call your child at all course locations. Information on times and phone numbers will be provided at the course location. If your child is in class or taking part in an activity, you are also welcome to leave a message.

If your child wishes to call you and is unable to reach you, your child can request a return call through the course office.

In children's courses, the course office will keep the children's telephones for safekeeping during their stay.

At all of our course locations, computers with internet access are available to course participants so that they can keep in touch with family and friends.

Participants can generally use the internet every day, but not for unlimited periods. We ensure age-appropriate internet use.

WLAN and Skype are available at only a few locations.

Parental visits / outings
Contact with your child is a good thing and it is also important. However, our experience has shown us that children and teens adapt more quickly to their new surroundings when parents do not call, visit the school or pick them up for weekends too frequently. This gives the children and teens a chance to spend time with their group without distractions and become even better integrated.

The children and teens make friends faster and feel more involved in the daily schedule when they can take part in all leisure-time activities with the other participants in their age group – without interruption.

Naturally we will contact you without delay in case of any cause for concern.
Your child's health is of paramount importance to us. Consequently, we do all we can to ensure healthy living on the campus.

Inform us
Please notify us on the enrollment form or by e-mail of any food allergies or other dietary concerns, health restrictions and previous illnesses. This will ensure that the counselors are well informed and can provide a doctor with this important information about your child in case of an emergency. We make inclusion possible. 

Food allergies and special dietary needs
Please let us know in advance of any special dietary habits (vegetarian meals, no pork, etc.) so that the boarding school kitchen can prepare accordingly and take your child's needs into account – especially in case of serious food allergies, etc.

Past illnesses / health restrictions
In case of chronic health conditions (diabetes, allergies), please ask your doctor whether there are additional considerations for your child during his or her stay. Please inform us accordingly before the start of the course.

Our advice: Please mention these pre-existing conditions in the enrollment form as well. This will ensure that the counselors are well informed and can provide a doctor with this important information about your child in case of an emergency.

Be sure to give your child a sufficient quantity of medication, including the patient information leaflet in German or English and the doctor's instructions. Please note: Our staff are not permitted to administer medication to course participants unless it has been prescribed for the child.

Tetanus vaccination: Please inform us on the enrollment form if your child is vaccinated. Ask your doctor if you are not sure. Our advice: Please give your child a copy of his/her international vaccination pass if available.

Medical Insurance
Please check that the child's health insurance coverage also applies in Germany before he or she enters the country. EU residents can obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their insurer. Please give this card to your child.

In case of illness
Medical care in Germany is generally very good. At all course locations there are hospitals, doctors on call, general practitioners and specialists relatively nearby.

If a child is ill, our staff will accompany him or her to the doctor's office.
Money, valuables and important documents
You can rest assured. We keep airline tickets and passports securely in the safe of the boarding school, so that nothing can be lost or stolen.

The same applies to the participants' pocket money. Amounts are handed out to the children at certain times.

Electronic devices such as cell phones and notebook or tablet computers are also kept securely in the course office.

Personal items
In most of the schools the personal wardrobes in the rooms can be locked. In general, however, your child should leave at home any valuables not needed during the stay.

Clothing should be labeled with your child's name. This will ensure that we can return the items quickly after they are laundered. We also recommend labeling any valuables with the child's name.