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Edenkoben © Getty Images

Adventure playground in the vineyards.

Edenkoben is a small town in the Palatinate region that has kept its tradition without being old-fashioned: Vineyards as far as the eye can see and the Palatinate Forest on the doorstep offer a range of options to experience the countryside. The Edenkoben Sports School has a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Youth camps

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Charming Edenkoben Photo: Colourbox.de

Charming Edenkoben

The small town located right in the middle of two nature reserves is ideal for all kinds of sport.

Sport facilities Photo: Sportschule Edenkoben

Sport facilities

The sports school has two football pitches, a gym for acrobatics, dance, yoga, gymnastics and one for all kinds of sports.

Swimming Photo: Sportschule Edenkoben


The course location has its own indoor swimming pool with two pools, an indoor relaxation area and a gym.

Further information

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy

“We manage to get along with each other on the courses in a peaceful, happy and tolerant manner – so you think to yourself: it's not that difficult and it must be possible for the rest of the world to manage!”

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps

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