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Michelbach © Getty Images

Enjoy the countryside.

The small town near Schwäbisch Hall is dominated by a castle that is used as educational establishment, offering an ideal learning environment. And the surrounding hills offer plenty opportunities to have some fun, go hiking or cycling.

Youth camps

1course/ exam exempt from VAT pursuant to sec 4, no. 21(a)(bb) of the German Turnover Tax Act (UStG)


Schwäbisch Hall Photo: Goethe-Institut

Schwäbisch Hall

The picturesque little town is the epitome of medieval romance, but also offers plenty of leisure activities.

Nature trail in Mainhardt Photo: Colourbox.de

Nature trail in Mainhardt

Here you can observe animals in their natural environment.

Feuchtwangen children's theatre Photo: Colourbox.de/Boris Breytman

Feuchtwangen children's theatre

Have you ever heard of Robber Hotzenplotz? Here you can see the story of Kasperl (the clown) and Seppel.

Further information

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy

“We manage to get along with each other on the courses in a peaceful, happy and tolerant manner – so you think to yourself: it's not that difficult and it must be possible for the rest of the world to manage!”

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps

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