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2-Weeks Camps

2-Weeks Camp © Unsplash/Simon Maage

Our 2-week youth camps in Obertauern, Cologne and Benediktbeuern are suitable for those who have less time or do not want to leave home for as long. Until now there was only our 2-week classic summer camp in Obertauern. At the frequent request of our customers, we now also offer themed camps with a shortened 2-week option. The City Camp in Cologne and the Green Future Camp in Benediktbeuern can now also be booked for only 2 weeks. Simply enter the relevant data in the registration form.

Obertauern (Austria) © Getty Images

Classic Summer Camp in Obertauern

Learn German with an alpine panorama and explore the idyllic mountain landscape of the Salzburg region. In Obertauern language learning can be combined with outdoor activities and pure nature.

  • 28.06.2020 – 11.07.2020
  • 12.07.2020 – 25.07.2020
2-week price: EUR 2.190
Booking in the webshop

Cologne © Colourbox

City Camp in Cologne

Learn German and go on a discovery tour in the metropolis on the Rhine. Here the new language skills can be applied in cafés, shops and with countless cultural offers.

  • 05.07.2020 – 18.07.2020
  • 02.08.2020 – 15.08.2020
2-week price: EUR 2.750
Booking via the registration form

Benediktbeuern © Panthermedia, Peter Amm

Green Future Camp in Benediktbeuern

Learn German and learn exciting things about climate protection and a green future. The camp offers workshops, excursions and expert discussions on ecological issues.

  • 02.08.2020 – 15.08.2020
2-week price: EUR 2.590
Booking via the registration form

2 week option

With the 2-week option of our camps in Cologne and Benediktbeuern, the participants remain the first and second of the 3 course weeks. This means that everyone starts the course on the same date and the participants of the 2-week option leave after 2 weeks. For the outward journey, the transfer from the airport to the course location can therefore be booked at the Goethe Institute; for the return journey, the transfer must be organized by the parents or the participants themselves. The teamers on site are of course supportive.

Further information

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy

“We manage to get along with each other on the courses in a peaceful, happy and tolerant manner – so you think to yourself: it's not that difficult and it must be possible for the rest of the world to manage!”

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps

Any other questions? +49 89 15921-800 We would be happy to advise you: jugend@goethe.de