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Deutsch lernen in Deutschland – Deutschkurse für verschiedene Berufsgruppen Foto: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

German Courses for Teachers at the Secondary Level and in Adult Education

By attending a German for Teachers course, you will improve your language skills and become more confident in using German as a classroom language – while gaining valuable insights for your own teaching activities.

The course will familiarize you with certain methodological and didactic approaches and give you the opportunity to exchange ideas on those approaches and your own experiences within your group of participants from different countries. This will help you to develop and improve your own lessons.

The focus is on language teaching. Sessions for examination and reflection on methodology and didactics will amount to a maximum of 10 UI* per week and will examine the following topics:


  • Enhancing language competency in all skill areas
  • Familiarization with terminology related to methodology and didactics as well as classroom terms and phrases
  • Expanding your own methodological repertoire through reflection on what happens in the classroom.

Language prerequisites

  • B2 or higher
  • Some courses may be offered for participants at Level B2 or higher

Services in German for Teachers courses

  • 30 units of instruction per week (45 minutes each)
  • Course times: Monday to Friday (with full-day instruction in some cases)
  • Arrival: Sunday

The course:

All German courses include a structured program on weekdays that is planned by the seminar team, taking into account the indicated language level as well as the participants' experience and preferences. The courses are generally taught entirely by one course leader.

Courses include:

  • All course papers, resources and materials
  • Accommodation in single or double rooms (homestay arrangements, Goethe-Institut guesthouses, conference centers or hotels, depending on the course location).
  • Breakfast every day
  • One main meal on the course days except Saturdays and Sundays
  • Cultural program on some evenings and on the weekend, e.g. theater, cinema, excursions
  • Local transportation at the course location
  • Medical, accident and liability insurance for the duration of the course
  • Coverage for transport home in case of illness.

* UI: 45-minute unit of instruction