What our course participants say

Vera Karieva, Russia, student (18)
“I would never have believed that learning could be so much fun. The teachers at the Goethe-Institut are really good. When I came here I was really afraid to speak German. Now that's hard for me to imagine!"

Saleh Ibrahim Al Zamil, Saudi Arabia, student (18)
"Every Friday our teacher asks,
What do you want to learn next week?' And then we get to decide on the topics and methods. Although I've had the same teacher for a while, something different happens every week. That makes the lessons unbelievably interesting."

Diana Rast, USA, homemaker (36)
"What do I like best of all in Frankfurt? The skyline with all the skyscrapers! The Messeturm reminds me a little of America. Actually, the only thing better in Seattle than in Frankfurt is the sushi..."

Alper Özdil, Turkey, engineer, (33)
“Before I came to Germany I kept trying to learn German, but without much success. At the Goethe-Institut I’ve now learned more in a short time than in all the years of trying. The methods are simply very effective and the teachers are excellent.”

Cho Youn Je, South Korea, IT consultant (43)
"I am convinced by the modern language teaching methods used at the Goethe-Institut. They really help me to get close to the German language. We have to phone a restaurant and order a table or go to the train station to find out about departure times. It's like authentic everyday life."

Anna Fischer, Russia, businesswoman (33)
"The Goethe-Institut is structured like a German university. That gives me a lot more opportunities to improve my German outside the classroom as well."