Cultural and leisure program

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    At the beginning of your stay, we will take you on a short walking tour to familiarize you with the most important things right from the start.
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    The historical or thematic tours we organize for you will help you to become better acquainted with your course location and its special features and sights, with explanations matching your language level.
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    Our pub nights are a chance to get to know participants from other courses and classes and have discussions in international groups – for example on your experiences in Germany.
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    We organize tours of the major museums and galleries in the city, guided by museum docents whenever possible.
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    On the weekend you can take part in the full-day excursions we organize to cities and natural areas of special cultural and historical interest.
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    On our academic walking tours, you'll get to know the main colleges and universities, the university library and the canteen.
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    Company tours are a chance to gain insights into the local economy.
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    Where space is available, we host film nights at the institute, where participants can learn about German cinema.

Learning a new language is useful and enriching – and even more so if it is combined with exposure to the culture and the places where the language is spoken. That’s why, as well as language training, we offer an exciting range of activities outside the classroom. You’ll get to know the city where you’re learning from all sides while experiencing culture, sports and fun with your classmates.

Leisure-time options every day

During the week we generally offer events and programs every day. Our city walks will help you to find your way around, while special thematic tours provide insights into interesting aspects of local life and history. You will also have the opportunity to visit institutions, companies or universities to learn about the economy, education and society at your location.


Whenever possible – subject to the group’s interests – we will organize sporting activities for you. Depending on the season, you will also be able to attend live sports events.

Evening programs

We offer a wide variety of evening activities, including theater, concerts and festivals. We’ll also be happy to recommend popular clubs and night spots. Our pub nights in authentic local venues are always a big hit with the participants.

Weekend excursion

We organize weekend daytrips for our participants: On hikes you can explore diverse landscapes and natural surroundings in the region. We’ll also accompany you on trips to castles and sightseeing highlights. On most of these outings you will have the chance to take a tour and enjoy a meal with the group. Our extracurricular programs also include one-day trips to interesting nearby cities.

Your team – always ready to help

We want you to feel at home – right from the first day. The team in charge of the cultural and leisure program at your Goethe-Institut will be happy to help with any everyday problems or questions you may have.