Leisure time – sports, games and fun

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With our varied and action-packed leisure program, boredom doesn’t stand a chance. Every day our team of counselors offers a wide range of sports as well as creative, musical or cultural activities. We are also happy to accommodate special requests from our young guests whenever possible, provided that sufficient numbers of participants are interested.

Naturally the children are supervised during their leisure time as well. They are more than welcome to contribute their individual talents – athletic, musical, artistic or otherwise – to the course and in our big celebration on the last evening.

After lessons in the afternoons and evenings and on weekends

sports, creative and cultural activities: there are many options to choose from depending on the location, weather and interests, for example:
  • games for the whole group such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, billiards, swimming, hiking, cycling, jogging
  • batik, painting, crafts, theater, pantomime, videos, disco
  • excursions in the vicinity
  • shopping trips (fares not included)
  • barbecues and garden parties
  • One full day excursion for the entire group per two-week course; two per three-week course; three per four-week course
Many activities are held right on the campus. Other outings take place in the surrounding area. For the day trips the group generally travels by chartered bus or takes the train.

Most activities in the cultural, leisure and sports program are included in the course fee.

Additional costs
For some special sporting or artistic activities (pottery, riding, tennis, swimming pool) there is an additional charge of €5 to €15 per activity.

Pocket money
We recommend €80 per week.

Additional expenses such as the cost of shopping for personal items (souvenirs, electronic games, sports shoes, clothing, toys or games, jewellery, food or beverages, etc.) during outings are a matter of individual preference.

Internet at every course location
At all of our course locations, computers with internet access are available to course participants so that they can keep in touch with family and friends.

WLAN and Skype are available at only a few locations.

There is generally no need for participants to bring their own notebook computers.

Internet yes, but not at all times...
Participants can generally use the internet every day, but not for unlimited periods. We ensure age-appropriate internet use.

Contacting home after arrival
After your child arrives at the course location, we will remind him or her to let you know. Participants who do not have their own cell phone with them can write an e-mail.

Telephone contact is possible at all locations
You can call your child at all course locations. The children will be informed of times and telephone numbers on arrival.

You can contact the course management by telephone or e-mail to ask how your child is doing. If your child is in class or taking part in an activity, you are also welcome to leave a message. Your child will then call you back.

Less is more
Contact with your child is a good thing and it is also important. However, our experience has shown us that children and teens adapt more quickly to their new surroundings when parents do not call, visit the school or pick them up for weekends too frequently. This gives the children and teens a chance to spend time with their group without distractions and become even better integrated.

During the sessions of our young learners courses, German schools are usually closed for holidays. German families are often away on summer vacation during this time.

To arrange for contact with native speakers in addition to our team of teachers and supervisors, activities are set up during lessons such as interviews with Germans who live or work at the course location. We also organize visits by German youth groups if possible (for a soccer game, for example) or other institutions.