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Cultural and leisure programme

Meet local people and experience the culture. That is an important aspect and the reason why leisure activities are included. Our attractive cultural and leisure programme will enable you and your fellow students to learn more about your new home. Visit interesting cultural highlights in the region or get active with our sports activities. You choose.

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Together Find new friends, experience Germany

We enjoy doing things with other people. New friendships quickly develop with daily activities, such as city tours, cooking in the evenings or regular round table meetings. Choose what you would like to do from our varied programme.

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Culture Immerse yourself in Germany's diverse culture

Whether you prefer art exhibitions, open air cinemas, museums or going to festivals – our programme has something for everyone. Learn more about the history and culture of the area on excursions to nearby German towns and cities – there may be additional costs for admission and train tickets.

Search for a course location according to your interests


  • Schwäbisch Hall Photo: Goethe-Institut
  • Göttingen Foto: Goethe-Institut
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  • Vienna Photo: Wien Tourismus/Christian Stemper

Architecture has a long history in Germany – from Gothic churches and stately baroque buildings through to Bauhaus avant-garde. The idyllic town of Schwäbisch Hall, for example, has a medieval landscape whereas Göttingen features ornate half-timbered houses. Dresden is known as the baroque “Florence of the Elbe” while Hamburg’s Speicherstadt (City of Warehouses) and Vienna’s historic city centre are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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  • Dresden Photo: Goethe-Institut
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  • Mannheim Photo: Goethe-Institut

Art is rooted in Germany’s urban landscape and is omnipresent. The outstanding Museum Island in Berlin, the Gemäldegalerie in Dresden and the Pinakotheken in Munich are world-renowned. Düsseldorf has many modern features as a centre for art, music and fashion and the Kunsthalle Mannheim features a first-class art collection from the 19th and 20th centuries.


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  • Heidelberg Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy
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Every third person in Germany is actively involved in a sports club. Göttingen is crazy about basketball, while in Mannheim “Sport in the Park” is offered free of charge to everyone. Nature lovers will find plenty of space to do sport in the green parks of Bremen or Heidelberg or go to straight to Schwäbisch Hall, where there are no limits on the type of sport you can do whether by land, water or by air.


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When it comes to doing the things you like best – from famous night-life districts through to concert halls and festivals – there are no limits. In Berlin alone, there are around one thousand events to choose from every day. Bremen has an excellent reputation for its dance theatre and Freiburg is the city of music par excellence. If you like going out for a beer in the evenings, you should go to the St. Pauli district in Hamburg or to one of Bonn’s many student pubs.


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Environmental protection has a long tradition in Germany, which is why, today, nature reserves account for around 4 per cent of Germany. The beauty of nature conservation can be seen in the Black Forest around Freiburg or in Taunus near Frankfurt. But also the Eifel National Park near Bonn or the many nature conservation areas around Düsseldorf offer opportunities to experience the countryside nearby. If, on the other hand, you want to be close to the Alps, they're easy to reach from Munich.


Active Sport connects people from different cultures

We offer you a varied sports programme as an ideal balance to learning. Explore the countryside on hiking and cycling tours. Evening swimming or dance courses. Whether you prefer something energetic like playing football or relaxing with yoga - there's something for everyone.


Different cultures don't always get together by themselves. The nice thing about our cultural and leisure programme is that I can take the people learning German by the hand and show them our country.

Luise, 29, employed on the cultural and leisure programme

Evening programs

We offer a wide variety of evening activities, including theater, concerts and festivals. We’ll also be happy to recommend popular clubs and night spots. Our pub nights in authentic local venues are always a big hit with the participants.

Weekend excursion

We organize weekend daytrips for our participants: On hikes you can explore diverse landscapes and natural surroundings in the region. We’ll also accompany you on trips to castles and sightseeing highlights. On most of these outings you will have the chance to take a tour and enjoy a meal with the group. Our extracurricular programs also include one-day trips to interesting nearby cities.

Tandem programme

The Goethe-Institut's tandem programme brings you together with Germans who are learning your native language or want to learn about your country. During the tandem meetings you can alternate between German and your native language while discussing issues and topics of mutual interest. This is an opportunity to get to know Germany and the German people and try out your language skills.