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Digital German
STEM Youth Camp

Digitales MINT Jugendcamp
  • Topic-oriented German course on nature and technology
  • Live STEM programme with virtual experiments
  • Tutor-led collaborative projects with a teacher

Why is there weightlessness on the space station? How do you measure the magnitude of an earthquake? What is the secret of electric fish? Young people who are keen on German and exciting topics can combine both in the digital STEM and German language camp.


Course participants meet their fellow learners and the teacher daily (Monday to Friday) in online live sessions via Zoom from 9:00 to 11:30 am (CET). After the class with the teacher from 9:00 to 10:00 am (CET), the STEM Live Programme takes place (until 11:30am CET). Before or after the Online Live Sessions, course participants practise independently on our learning platform for one hour each day, dividing their German learning flexibly.

The lessons in the Online Live Sessions teach subject content of the STEM subjects and language together. In the STEM live programme, participants experience experiments in real time in school labs, talk to researchers or go on a virtual rally through the university city of Göttingen. In the Moodle course room they work on assignments and find further material. The topic 'Studying in Germany' is also part of the programme. The course is offered by the Goethe-Institut Göttingen - from the city of science.

Dates MINT Termine
  • Level
    A2, B1

  • Duration
    10 course days

  • Hours per week
    20 lessons
    45 minutes each

  • Total scope
    40 lessons
    45 minutes each

  • Participants
    max. 16
    age: 14-17 Jahre

  • Price
    EUR 960 per participant

    Registration for groups only

  • Digital classroom instruction

    Digital classroom instruction

    as live online group sessions at fixed times.

  • Independent practice

    Independent practice

    with online exercises that you'll be able to organise flexibly.

  • support

    Personal mentoring

    through individual feedback from the teacher.

What does the digital STEM Youth Camp offer?

The Digital STEM Youth Camp for teenagers is divided into different chapters dedicated to science topics and teaching appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

The teenagers learn through many different online exercises, e.g. with videos, pictures, audios, reading and cloze texts, both alone and in groups. In addition, course participants complete group tasks, such as a presentation at the end of the course. In this way, the teenagers practise the skills of listening, reading and writing in German. Speaking is practised specifically in the live sessions.

If questions arise, the teenagers can exchange information with their fellow learners via the forum or contact their teacher by e-mail.

All course material is available on our learning platform.
Fotostrecke MINT-Jugendcamp Göttingen

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

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