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Information actuelle

CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19: INFORMATIONEN for course participants

Welcome to the Goethe-Instituts in Germany!

At this point, we update you on our German course offerings, classroom as well as online courses, and examinations. Whether you would like to book classroom German courses for beginners, for advanced learners, or an online courses. We will be happy to advise you personally on site, by email or telephone.

Compliance with rules concerning social distancing as well as hygienic standards and guidelines stay in place and will be followed. The health of our customers and employees is always our highest priority.

More information on our hygiene concept

Which entry regulations apply?

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institut (RKI) is responsible for monitoring public health and health-related civil protection measures. Decisions of local authorities and the Federal Government are always based on recommendations issued by the RKI. On the RKI’s website you will find additional information on the German tracing app, called Corona-Warn-App.

Please contact your local authorities for information with regard to travel regulations from your country of residence to Germany. The German Foreign Office provides information on entry regulations at www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/einreiseundaufenthalt/coronavirus.

When will Classroom Courses continue?

We continue to offer online German courses.
  • German Online Group Course.
  • German Training Online: courses can start any time.
Further information and course dates regarding online courses can be found at www.goethe.de/germany.

Our classroom courses

You are looking for a German classroom course, you are travelling from abroad and would like to book additional accommodation? You will find a comprehensive range of German classroom courses listed in our course finder at www.goethe.de/germany. Offerings apply to our locations in Berlin and Munich and through December 2020. These courses prepare you professionally and at the highest level for your academic studies or a professional career in Germany.
You are already studying or working in Germany and would like to refresh or enhance your German language skills? Our extensive courses, for example German in the Evening, are ideal for combining learning, everyday life and work.
Current offers for extensive classroom courses at various locations in Germany can be found in our course finder at www.goethe.de/germany. These offers are continuously being expanded to include further locations.

Any changes to our course program will be publish here immediately.

Is it possible to book accommodation?

You may book accommodation in addition to an Intensive German or German Superintensive course. At some locations you may book accommodation in addition to an extensive German course, for example a course German in the Evening.

Online shop: Accommodation may be booked along with a course.

A small note:
The Student Hotel Berlin: Course participants receive a 10% discount.

When will examinations continue?

Examination dates at the Goethe-Institut locations in Germany have been reintroduced at the end of May.

Examination candidates already registered for dates between mid-March and 25 May 2020 were contacted directly by their examination center with a new date proposal.
New registrations: Please use our exam finder.

Will youth camps take place this summer?

Unfortunately, no. You can find updated information about our youth camps at www.goethe.de/youth.

Is it possible to postpone your Classroom course free of charge?

Course participants who have booked classroom courses (with our without accommodation) which were cancelled by the Goethe-Institut may transfer their booking to any course on offer through December 2020 and free of charge. Courses have to be postponed before the originally planned course date.

Additional costs may be incurred if you transfer from a cheaper course to any of the courses currently on offer through December 2020.

The classroom course Intensiv German for Teens 14 - 17 at Munich Goethe-Institut will be cancelled in 2020.

Courses offered at our summer locations in Heidelberg and Vienna will be cancelled in 2020.

You will be contacted by the Goethe-Institut concerned in a timely manner.

Is it possible to withdraw from your classroom course?

Course and accommodation payments already made to the Goethe-Institut will be refunded in full in the event of cancellation before the start of the course if
  • the classroom course is not conducted by us as booked by you
  • you have not enrolled in any of the classroom course on offer through December 2020.
You may find our current classroom course offerings in our course finder at www.goethe.de/germany.

Furthermore, our terms and conditions apply.

Is it possible to postpone your examination free of charge?

Participants, whose examinations were scheduled between 17 March 2020 and 24 May 2020, were allowed postpone their examination date free of charge. Substitute examinations have been conducted since the end of May.
Candidates registered for the above period were contacted directly by their examination center with a new examination date proposal.

Social distancing as well as hygienic standards and guidelines must be strictly adhered to before, during and after examinations. For this reason, the number of participants per examination date is more limited than usual. We apologize for any waiting times for available examination dates this may cause.
Participants whose examination is scheduled for 25 May 2020 or later have a 14-day period right of cancelation when booking via our online shop. After the expiry of the right of cancelation our examination guidelines apply.

Is it possible for you to withdraw from your examination?

Examination candidates, whose examination date has been cancelled can withdraw from the examination and the paid exam fee will be reimbursed. If you wish to do so, please contact the examination center where you have registered for the examination.
Rest assured, we do our utmost to maintain the high quality of our services.
The content of this website is constantly updated.

The content of this website is constantly updated.

Status: 28 July 2020