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Vocabulary trainer app

Learn German on the go with the Goethe-Institut’s vocabulary trainer app. The Goethe-Institut’s new mobile vocabulary trainer helps you to practise and improve your German by adding new words to your vocabulary even on the go.

A cidade das palavras © Goethe-Institut

A cidade das palavras

Um novo app educativo acompanha os alunos através da“cidade das palavras”. Por meio do intercâmbio interativo com outros participantes, esse app ensina o vocabulário para os níveis A1/A2. Esse app pode ser baixado gratuitamente.

Adventure German: A Mysterious Mission

A Mysterious Mission

An adventure game for advanced learners of German from Level B1. Placed in a professional environment, the players solve an exciting criminal case.

Further offers

German at work © Syda Productions /

German at work

Practice your German for your profession with exercises from level A1 to B2. Through interviews and films you can get insights into everyday working life in Germany.

Das Deutschlandlabor

Deutschlandlabor investigates common prejudices and cliches about Germany and presents a lively picture of the country.

Welcome – Learning German for refugees © Photo: Frank M. Rafik

Welcome – Learning German for refugees

Language learning opportunities for refugees who want to learn German fast and for free