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Caroline Thon (DK)

The artist Caroline Thon in front of two of her paintings. The artist Caroline Thon participates in Nordic Leipzig from August to October 2021. | Photo: Rosenstjerne Caroline Heje Thon (b.1986) is a visual artist, biologist and art historian. She lives and works in Copenhagen, where her practice features mainly oil painting and murals. She previously worked in the museum sector as a curator, producer and researcher.

Caroline's work is driven by her curiosity about people’s affective reactions to their surroundings. Her early artistic practice examined the relationship between the human body and what we refer to as ‘nature’. In recent years, she tackled the aesthetics of the male body in a project called Manscapes, exploring the male body as an object of the female gaze, and dealing with issues such as intimacy, male beauty, vulnerability and materiality. The works invite the viewer to ‘step inside the landscape’ of the naked male body and to gauge what reactions, impulses and sensations this close encounter with a passive, soft, male body generates.
  • Caroline Thon's painting 'Belly Button Hills'. Photo: Rosenstjerne
    Belly Button Hills
  • Caroline Thon's painting 'Forearm Bank'. Photo: Rosenstjerne
    Forearm Bank
  • Caroline Thon's painting 'Land of Joints'. Photo: Rosenstjerne

During her stay at LIA, Caroline will work on a project that will examine how trauma can shift our experience of the relationship between our inner landscape and our perception of our surroundings. 
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