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Elisabeth Moritz (SE)

Elisabeth Moritz Photo (detail): Elisabeth Moritz Born in Sweden, artist Elisabeth Moritz is presently working on a project addressing her family's German background in an attempt to understand the past. The subject consists of many layers. Above all, it addresses the time in Germany before and during Second World War and the existing parallels with the growing xenophobia and nationalism of contemporary Europe.
Departing from her own family, she looks at the bystanders of the war. Not the perpetrators or victims, but all those who did not have the courage to protest or who let themselves influence by the ruling discourse.
Part of her work consists of making large pigment ink prints of snapshots from her family albums which she then folds and cuts out by hand.
  • Elisabeth Moritz: "Chemnitz, 1938" Photo (detail): Elisabeth Moritz
    Elisabeth Moritz: "Chemnitz, 1938"
  • Elisabeth Moritz with a selection of her work Photo (detail): Elisabeth Moritz
    Elisabeth Moritz with a selection of her work
  • Elisabeth Moritz: "Zeichnung 2" Photo: Elisabeth Moritz
    Elisabeth Moritz: "Zeichnung 2"

During her residency in Leipzig, Elisabeth Moritz plans to explore this project further, incorporating her drawings that are evocative of neurons. As the artist explains, guilt is being handed down from one generation to the next. Thus, Elisabeth carries some of that guilt in her own body.

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