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Maja Gade Christensen (DK)

Maja Gade Christensen Photo (Detail): Arngrímur Borgþórsson The first representative of Denmark is the artist Maja Gade Christensen, who will travel on November 1st to the Nordic Leipzig Programme in Leipzig.

Even though Copenhagen has always been a central place in her life, she was drawn to Aarhus for her education at the Jutland Art Academy (Det Jyske Kunstakademi). She completed her studies there in 2009. Over the past years her work has already been shown as its own solo exhibition in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the USA.
Her artistic practice is recognisable by an affection for geology, where she for example employs samples of both rock and earth for visual effect. In Leipzig Maja Gade Christensen aims to use the local geographical features of the city at the points where the three rivers of the Weißer Elster, Pleiße and Parthe converge north and south of the city respectively, as well as incorporate the geological features of these three courses of rivers into her work.
”Colour-Mapping of Stones – Klintebjerg” (2017) ”Colour-Mapping of Stones – Klintebjerg” (2017) | Photo (Detail): Maja Gade Christensen
In her 2017 piece „Colour-mapping of Stone – Klintebjerg“ Maja Gade Christensen displayed her special interest in geology. The piece stretches itself over ten metres from the water’s edge in the direction of the heart of the country. It is composed of uncountable rows, which are made up by colourful stones collected from the beach. The installation was a part of the exhibition „LANDART I KLINT“ in Odsherred on the Danish island of Sealand.

Maja Gade Christensen