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Tanja Koljonen (FI)

Tanja Koljonen Photo (Detail): Juuso Noronkoski The third artist of the first residence intake hails from Finland. Tanja Koljonen lives and works in Helsinki.

She obtained her professional training in photography in Helsinki and Budapest. In 2014 she graduated from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture with a Master of Arts in Photography. Tanja Koljonen has presented her works in Scandinavia and Europe within both solo and group exhibitions. For the most part her photographic works from the last few years relate to language, words and the visual potential of ideas.
Currently the photograhic artist is intensely occupying herself with „word-images“, which in the long run should form the basis of an artist’s book and a series of graphical prints.
Detailansicht von "Aims and Ends", 2016 Detailansicht von "Aims and Ends", 2016 | Foto (Zuschnitt): Tanja Koljonen
Koljonen actually had her first impression of Leipzig and its cotton spinning mill during a visit in 2014. Ever since she has wished to return. Therefore she is especially looking forward to taking part in the „Atelier für Radierung Marie und Vlado Ondrej“ programme. This will enable her to continue to develop her word-based prints. Moreover, in this context, Leipzig’s living tradition of book bindery and printing is of special significance for Koljonen.

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