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Residency Program

The White Villa Residency in Cairo offers artists from Germany, Europe and the North Africa-Middle East region the opportunity to spend 1 to 3 months in Cairo.

Weisse Villa© Roger Anis

The White Villa Residency

Residents are given the opportunity to network with artists, learn new perspectives, and immerse themselves in the multi-layered hustle and bustle of Cairo. The individual residency programs are designed to allow the artists to be well integrated into cultural events and programs in Cairo.

Application Process

Artists can apply to one of the residency programs by call for applications.

“application submission is currently closed, please follow the page to see the upcoming call”

our residents

The Residency Rooms

The residency rooms are located in the Dokki district and are on the first floor of the Goethe-Institut. Dokki is located on the west side of the Nile across from downtown, which can be quickly reached by metro, cab, or a 30-minute walk.

The residence apartment consists of two single rooms and one double room, each with its own bathroom. The kitchen, living areas and a workspace room are shared. Outside there are two terraces and a table tennis table. Additional rehearsal rooms can be organized as needed.

  • DIE RESIDENZRÄUME @Goethe-Institut Kairo
  • DIE RESIDENZRÄUME @Goethe-Institut Kairo
  • DIE RESIDENZRÄUME @Goethe-Institut Kairo
  • DIE RESIDENZRÄUME @Goethe-Institut Kairo



Nada Abdelwahab
Project coordinator
Goethe-Institute Cairo