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The Digital Residency programme aims at providing contemporary emerging artists from different disciplines with the opportunity to receive support for their exploration and experimentation with digital technology in their art either in the creation process, presentation/exhibition, or more than one element combined. We live in a time where digital technology is not only important to maintain communication within the globalized cultural field, but also to a large extent, stay relevant for an emerging digital generation that has identified and become more familiar with, not only digital content, but also the new forms of aesthetics of the digital age.

In this second edition of the Programme, we are working with eight wonderful artists from a wide array of backgrounds and disciplines.

 Digital Residency - 1st. Edition

Mostafa Onsy © Goethe Institut

Mostafa Onsy

Cairo-based IDM music producer and sound artist. Onsy began his career experimenting a variety of genres and styles ranging from techno, electronic, and experimental ambient while considering things such as sound crafting, sound design and spectrums, rather than just composition, melody and arrangement. Much of Onsy’s music consists of slight clusters of experimental and abstract elements of composition, subtle melodies and interventions of carefully designed sounds, with glitches that contribute to the beats. After having mastered the use of Ableton and several other devices, Onsy have been releasing long plays and albums for several international record labels, such as Schematic Music Company (US), Augsmatic Diaspore (Spain), Kaer‘Uiks (Germany), ANBA (UK), Quiet Time (US).

Islam Elnebishy © Goethe Institut

Islam Elnebishy

Islam is a graduate of Maat contemporary dance school 3-years Professional program 2020
As a choreographer, he has created the following performances:
- "Taking Place" Project, Artistic Director. April 2021
-Don't watch, Online Performance, choreography June 2020.
-Go back to your seat, Please! (Solo) February 2020
-Once, it was a dream (solo) December 2019
-Troubled Butterflies, choreography. April 2019
-Again and again and again, created and performed by me (Islam Elnebishy) and Islam Elaraby. December 2017
He has participated in many performances as a dancer. He is also teaching dance classes and Workshops In different places in Cairo.


Amr Ali

Amr Ali is a visual artist, he was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1985, where he lives and works. He was graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts (Painting Department) since 2009. Having grown up next to the Sea, throughout his life, Amr has always been fascinated by Images and its motions and how the world is represented through the eyes of others depend on their conscious and unconscious analysis of the environments around us. His distinctive personal style emanates joy, it analyzes and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Digital culture which controls and affects all our environment around us, and invites you inside a random visual journey.


Castell Lanko © Goethe Institut

Castell Lanko

Cairo-based multidisciplinary new media artist whose work spans digital media and A/V installations, to more traditional forms such as paintings and illustrations. Her interdisciplinary approach includes studies across the traditional arts disciplines and an embrace of new technologies.
The focus of her attention is the sonority and functionality of immaterial illusions between the real and virtual world and the research of the new nature of art. She uses the digital space to develop expansive worlds that fiddles with the dynamic between her and her audience by creating storytelling atmosphere with objectified emotions that balances on the edge of warm-hearted intimacy.


Omar Al-Tawansy © Goethe Institut

Omar Al-Tawansy

Omar Al-Tawansy is an Urban Researcher & Designer focusing on issues revolving around deprived urbanism. He participated in several urban development projects in Egypt, which involved urban upgrading of informal and historical areas as well as heritage management projects.
Al-Tawansy started producing visual content to support his research outcomes and to empower the communities he is participating with. His artistic identity was driven by the incentive of finding an expressive representation of ideas and visions of marginalized communities. He also thrives on enhancing the idea of coherent societies.

Sara Hamdy © Goethe Institut

Sara Hamdy

A multidisciplinary artist who lives in Cairo, my research-led, practice-based art projects revolve around the potential of sound within contemporary visual art, and the ability of sonic environments to express multiple states of consciousness simultaneously.
I did participate in several exhibitions/ art events since my graduation in 2009 from The Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo-Egypt. I participated in 2008 & 2010 in the New Media" Sound art" workshop at The Faculty of arts education, in Cairo. 2013 at Home Workspace Program” HWP”, at Ashkal Alwan, Beirut-Lebanon. 2016 at Mass Alexandria Studio and study program in Alexandria.

Laura Stauth © Goethe Institut

Laura Stauth

Laura Stauth is a German/Egyptian interdisciplinary researcher, visual anthropologist and artist. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Goettingen, Germany and holds an MA in global Anthropology with a specialization in visual practices and methods from Leiden University. Her research interests focus on intersections between visual and material culture, ethnographic research and the digitalization of everyday life. Her interdisciplinary work investigates shifting experiences of “home”, identity and imagination and the loss of stable coordinates in negotiating (be)longings across urban territories in Cairo and Berlin. In 2018, she was awarded a film development grant by AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture) for her research based documentary project, “Between Walls” (a work in progress). She was previously based in Cairo and has worked with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Goethe Institut, where she was involved in the development and execution of projects in the field of film, arts and culture.

Omar El Beharey © Goethe Institut

Omar El Beharey

Omar El Beharey is a self-taught visual artist who lives and works in Cairo. He started as a screenwriter and music producer. He is now a photographer and filmmaker and runs Barüde, an online curatorial platform for visual art and music.